Overcoming Fear to Live Your BEST Life

The truth in life is there will never be the perfect time to start something.  Especially where health or business goals are concerned.  We get so caught up in this mindset of I will wait until Monday, or I will start next month when life quiets down.  The reality is life will always have some “thing” that will make change inconvenient.  You simply have to learn to work around it.  If you wait until Monday to start your health journey and today is Thursday…. well, you wasted three entire days that you could have been making progress.  Those three days don’t have to be perfect, but they sure as heck can be moving you forward toward that dream you are chasing.
We have to stop waiting for “perfection” in order to move.
I get it.  I have spent a lot of time “waiting” for things to be just right in my life too.
But over the years, I have learned, staying stuck in constant analysis paralysis gets us NOWHERE.
Trust me… I have a bad habit of getting stuck in research and analyze mode.
The perfect timing will never show up…
We simply have to show up anyway!

So what is at the root of all this “waiting?”

What is really holding most of us back isn’t actually timing, but FEAR!
Fear of the unknown and pushing outside our comfort zone.
Fearing what others may think of us.
Fearing risk.


So how do we push past fear to get to the other side?
How do we create change if we feel stuck?



Every BIG and life-changing thing I have done in my life, I have had to JUMP in boldly with the mindset of “I will figure this out.”
Every bit has been scary and unknown.
But I did it anyway.

No I’m not some magical, gifted badass.
Although… that could be an excellent job title amiright?
At some point in life I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere waiting.  So I learned to bite the bullet and just…



I faced the fears.
I took a leap.
I didn’t DIE!
You can do this too.
Here are some other scary examples from my life… maybe you can relate to a few… where facing the fears turned into a blessing in the end.

  • Learning to drive a car
  • Moving to another state to pursue a relationship with my now husband
  • Building my photography business from scratch with no formal training
  • Building a six-figure business from the ground up when everyone said the industry was collapsing
  • Healing my body with food and lifestyle changes when doctors told me it couldn’t be done.
  • Starting an intimidating workout program when I weighed well over 200 lbs.
  • Posting a selfie of my fitness journey for the world to see
  • Pushing a human from my body and allowing another to be cut from me
  • Choosing to build a brand new business leading others to healthier and more abundant lives
  • Downsizing and selling our home
  • Trusting my gut and following my passion!


All of these things have been terrifying.  Not one came naturally to me.  I simply wanted the end result of what they offered and was willing to do whatever it took to get there.  Things that are unknown can never become comfortable, if we don’t dive in and get familiar with it. Who is with me that driving is like the easiest thing ever now?  It is almost second nature.  Remember being 16 and it was so COMPLICATED?  Or the first time I picked up a digital camera with all its settings and menus and thought, I’d never figure it all out.  It just takes practice and consistently showing up to make it happen.  We would never be good at driving, walking, typing, talking if we didn’t practice those things.  You feel me here?

Everything new and wonderful in life will always feel scary at first.
There will be fear of the unknown and the “what if’s” that could happen.
But we have to face them with an open mind and joyful heart and know that with persistence, hard work, and effort, it will all turn out for our greatest good!





You are strong, and powerful and even if you take a leap and fall short, you will always come out stronger on the other side having learned from the experience.
Understand there is no real failure my friends, only success and learning.
Stopping and giving up or never beginning in the first place are the only sure-fire ways to ensure failure.

Whenever you feel like you are ready for a change but not sure how to make it happen just remember…


We will not always do what the world around us wants us to.
Others will often try to pull you back down out of their own fears.
We cannot let their fears become our own.
Or try to live our lives by the standards of someone else.
We must live our own life of joy and purpose.

Learn to trust your heart, and simply GO FOR IT!
Stop worrying about the outcome or what anyone else may think and simply get to work creating the life you long for!

Did we live, did we love, did we make a difference in the world around us?

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