DIY Diaper Rash Cream using DoTERRA Essential Oils

Recently I shared on Facebook a new addition to our medicine cabinet… doTERRA essential oils.  I had so many people on my friends list ask me about them and how we were using them so I figured it would be easiest to post a few blogs and share how we have incorporated them into our daily routine.

For several years now, Bradford and I have been pretty passionate about natural remedies and cleaning up our lives.  This all began in an effort to reverse my PCOS and allow me to become fertile.  Camden is proof that it worked!  Yay!  Anyhow… without going into a lot of detail on that right now, I am always open to natural ways to care for our family and eliminate unnecessary toxins that are in our home.  I’d been learning about essential oils over the past year off and on and eventually dove in and bought the doTERRA Home Essentials kit.  It is a very all encompassing kit that has something for just about anything we could be dealing with.  Having been a massage therapist, we learned all about the benefits of aromatherapy and how essential oils can facilitate healing in our bodies.  I really hadn’t thought about using them beyond the massage world until recently though.  These oils have been such a wonderful find and an amazing first line of defense in our home against all sorts of ailments.  My absolute favorite and most concrete evidence of their healing ability was when I made diaper rash cream for Camden recently.

Camden has not had any chronic diaper rash issues until recently.  He had a terrible rash that looked more like an injury than a rash that just refused to go away.  We have only ever used coconut oil and Burts Bees diaper rash ointment on him and I decided to try California Baby’s diaper rash cream to see if that made any difference when Burts Bees wasn’t cutting it.  Sadly it did not.  His rash continued to be inflamed and he screamed and pitched his body all over when I would change him.  It literally was a two man job to get him changed.  Not fun.  One night after giving him his bath I was so frustrated as he was screaming bloody murder that I went to the kitchen and grabbed my oils.  I’d seen other moms use it for diaper rash so who knows, maybe they will do the trick.  I’m always a skeptic and pretty practical so I had minimal expectations.  I figured both creams we had weren’t helping what could it hurt at least try.  I scooped a bit of coconut oil in my hand dropped some lavender and melaluca in my palm too… squished it all together and slapped it on Cam’s butt.  Yup… super classy… just like that.  Put his and tucked him in for the night.  The next morning his rash was gone.  COMPLETELY!  I kid you not.  His angry butt that looked like road rash was back to being a soft squishy baby booty that looked happy as the day we brought him home.  I couldn’t believe it.  That day I made my first “real” batch of doTERRA diaper rash cream and have been using it ever since.  His butt continues to look awesome and he does not try escape his body when I change him anymore.  I think he kind of likes the slick oil on his bum.  I did use plain coconut oil on him in the past when he was very tiny and it worked about as good as the Burts Bees ointment.  I have to say the lavender and melaluca combined with the coconut oil has proven to be quite the healing cream.  Here are the simple steps to making your own diaper rash ointment at home.  In less than the time it takes to eat a Builder Bar… I had made magic.  Yes I did eat a builder bar while making this.  

DIY Essential Oil Diaper Rash Cream

You will need 1/4 cup of unrefined organic coconut oil
doTERRA certified theraputic grade Lavender oil
doTERRA certified theraputic grade Melaluca oil

  • Scoop the oil into a glass jar.  You can use an old baby food jar or I used small wide mouth mason jars like these.  I like the wide mouth for scooping.  I got them at Target.
  • Heat the jar uncovered in a pot of boiling water.  You just need to heat it long enough to liquify the coconut oil.
  • Once the coconut oil is liquified remove it from the heat and water and add 20 drops of lavender oil and 5 drops of melaluca oil.
  • Stir it up and put the lid on it.  Let it sit and cool.
  • Once it has cooled it will become a solid again, perfect for using on baby’s bottom.  You can also put it in the fridge for a bit to speed up the cooling process.

I hope you found this helpful.  I was also recently told that you can wait until it is nearly solid again and use an electric mixer to whip it into a smooth cream.  I may just try that the next time I make a batch.



Lavender combined with melaluca has some great healing properties.  The lavender is anti-inflammatory and speeds up healing and the melaluca provides great anti-septic and anti fungal properties to help soothe and fight off whatever was causing the rash in the first place.  Combined with the coconut oil, which is already awesome, these guys are quite a powerhouse.  I’m sure none of you would have wanted to see before and after pictures of baby Cam’s butt but man I wish I had taken some.  The difference was impressive.

We have been using these oils in so many ways around our house lately.  I will be posting another blog soon about the other ways we have been loving our essential oils.  From allergies, to colds and tummy aches, these little guys have been so helpful.  If you want to learn more about doTERRA and the various oils they offer click here or feel free to email me and ask any questions.

A blog is born…

Hello friends.  I have tinkered with this personal blog for over 2 years now.  (I know… 2 years is kind of crazy long)  Starting and stopping and not being entirely sure of how things should look or the voice I want to take.  Since moving back to Tennessee I have wanted an outlet separate from our photography blog where I could share our days with our friends and family who live so far away.  Thus our little Watson Life blog began.  Not too long after we moved into our house we became pregnant and with an insane work schedule and morning sickness to rival any flu, all personal projects were put on hold and so our little blog collected a thick coat of dust.  At last though, I’m shining this little pumpkin up,  putting my perfectionist desires away and just writing.  Period.  No matter how disorganized or discombobulated it may be.  I’m doing it.  I really want to be able to share our experiences as we grow our little family here in Nashville and hopefully preserve these moments so that we can look back on them with our munchkins one day.  So welcome to our little world and I’ll be sharing our days and experiences with you as they come to me… past, present and dreams for the future all in one big heap.  Welcome to The Watson Life.



Also, please bear with me as I clean this thing up a bit.  Finagling all the unpublished posts and crazy coding from this current wordpress theme has proved a little challenging for my littered mommy brain.  Don’t judge my crazy! 😉

Camden’s “Little Adventurer” Baby Shower

Back in September my sweet friends here in Tennessee threw me the most adorable Little Adventurer baby shower.  My talented friend Erin Haines owner of Be True Designs, came up with a beautiful invitation design and based the theme around the great outdoors.  Since we had given Camden’s nursery the “little adventurer” design inspiration this all fit with our hopes for our little boy perfectly.  Erin, and my friends Kim and Erin Tucker all worked together to create adorable favors of trail mix and rustic inspired treats that were equally beautiful and delicious.  Having only been living back in Tennessee for less than a year it felt so good knowing I had a wonderful family of friends taking care of me and eagerly awaiting Camden by my side.  I am so blessed to call Nashville home and these wonderful ladies my friends.  Below are some photos from the day including a few favorites from the ShootyBooth we had set up.

Invitations and all paper goods designed and crafted by Erin Haines of Be True Designs.


**Post update.  We were featured on click here to see their post.  Also, we have since used several pieces of party decor in Cam’s room.  I just loved the little tribal stick with feathers so much I had to hang it up.  I’ll share a nursery post soon.**