Shift Shop Transformation Report

What is the deal with this “new program” I’ve been sharing about on my Instagram Stories lately??

I mean do we really need something NEW Melanie?

Why yes… sometimes we do!

During the summer months it can be really easy to fall off track.
Life, vacations, kids being home from school can all throw our balance off. We can fall out of our normal rhythm and need something new and fresh to fire us up again. For me, I really needed to get back in a good routine. Something to get me out of the funk I’d fallen into after our move.

Home renovations, moving, all the “life stuff” threw me off my game so I decided to commit fully to this new program called Shift Shop as a 3-week reboot.
Something FRESH, and way outside my comfort zone to push me, challenge me and get me back into a good routine again.


I shared a little video on my Facebook page during my first week of Shift Shop and it was honest and from the heart. I had been dealing with some serious feelings of anxiety creeping back in after our move. General stress that comes with big life changes paired with some old habits of junk food had thrown me for a loop. I know that for me to feel my BEST, to be free of anxiety and have peace, I need to keep my nutrition in line.  Sugar is my go-to when I am feeling stressed out… but the problem is it simply amplifies the feelings I’m trying to avoid in the first place. Losing cycle for sure.


So Shift Shop…
I was ready for it.
I decided to go ALL IN.
Follow the meal plan, the workout calendar and supplements all the way!
I mean it’s only three weeks…
If nothing else, I’d learn a little more about myself.
This program is designed to really push you and ramp up your metabolism.
Each week the workouts get a little bit longer and the nutrition gets a little more dialed in.
It is an agility and sport based program that usually would have scared me away.
Although it is something I never would have normally been drawn to, I’m so glad I jumped in, got out of my comfort zone and gave it my all!


What I have done:
Completely committed to the nutrition plan and workout calendar. Drink my Shakeology daily and use Energize pre workout before each workout. <– I’m gonna talk about that bad boy in another blog post soon because you guys know I have never been a fan of typical performance based supplements. This all natural magic potion is a dream!

Week 1:  25 minute workouts
Week 2:  35 minute workouts
Week 3:  45 minute workouts



Official stats:  
I lost 3 lbs and 6 inches.
My clothes are looser.
I feel more energetic and joyful than I have since we moved!
I have zero anxiety!
Migraines have decreased.
I am lifting heavier weights and can do moves now that I had to modify day 1! Boom!
I’m feeling lean, healthy, strong and HAPPY!
As far as I’m concerned…
I’ve totally nailed this challenge.

(please excuse the crazy bed head… this is real life)



I have gotten stronger and more coordinated with each passing day! Mentally I have pushed through barriers where I thought I should quit. By pushing through I got better, I got stronger and felt amazing knowing I didn’t give up.

The meal prep is so simple and easy… truly my spirit meal plan.
As most of you know… simple is my signature cooking style.
If its elaborate or complicated… I’m not doing it.
The nutrition guide comes with ready to go easy meal plans and a shopping list for each week.
Nothing complicated just quick, easy, delicious whole food!



Week 3.
Not gonna lie, the lowered carbs and longer workouts that week were not my favorite. It definitely was a mental push to get all the way through some days.
But it is totally doable. I’m so glad I did week 3, but also super glad it’s over for now. 😉
Week three defines and refines you and pushes your limits to help you see just how capable you are!


One of the best things about this program is the positive vibes!
When you have someone speaking positivity into you and when you learn to speak it into yourself…


You simply cannot show up and grumble through a workout and sit in a community with people that are always complaining about the hard work and expect greatness to emerge! Surround yourself with people that tell you…




Final Thoughts: 

Although I didn’t see a massive 12 lb drop like my husband did, I’m so SUPER proud of my results. Results aren’t always seen on the outside, but results are also how you feel inside too!
We cannot compare our success to others and diminish the incredible accomplishments of our own.
I am so proud of the effort I put into this. For following through even on the 45 minute workouts that are so not my norm. You guys know I’m a 30 minutes or less kind of gal. Although the scale is not my biggest indicator of success, I started this at my lowest weight and ended even lower. I love building muscle and it is my goal to never lose a single pound of lean body mass in my journey. I have consistently swapped fat for muscle from day one and am so thankful for easy meal plans that make this possible. (praise hands)



If you are ready to make a mental and physical shift, to push yourself further, jump start your metabolism or simply get back into a good routine of healthy eating and fitness, join my upcoming Mind/Body Intensive. These groups are where I help you bring it all together… the fitness, nutrition, supplementation, accountability and support as well as some serious mental tools for creating a LIFETIME of health and a LIFESTYLE of joy and vitality!

Don’t get in your own way and say you can’t do this. You CAN do anything you put your mind and heart into. If I can lose 85 lbs, overcome a lifetime of autoimmune disease and health hurdles, you can do it too! Fill out this form to dive in. In 3 weeks you could be so much closer to living the life of your dreams.


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