Top Tips to Push Past Fear and Analysis Paralysis

I swear, with the internet and having so much information and varying opinions at our fingertips it is easier than ever to get stuck in the over-thinking, over analyzing, analysis-paralysis death spiral.  We overthink something for so long and put it off that we turn it into something so much bigger and scary than it ever could be in reality.  I was so guilty of this bad habit.  A perfectionist by nature… I always wanted to get things “right.”  I have really had to train myself to let go, jump in and become very intentional about my life and what information I consume.

Last week I blogged about analysis-paralysis and why we get stuck over-thinking and never actually BEGIN something new.  Most often when it is something we really really want!  We hide our fear under the mask of “learning” “getting ready” or “figuring out timing” instead of just jumping in and going for it.  Honestly, the last thing we generally need is MORE information to research and “figure out.”  ha!
It really comes down to facing that fear…
And knowing that it is worth the risk.

Fear of launching can be very real…

Creating that new business,
Starting that new workout plan,
Going on that first date,
Or visiting a new mommy group (hello introverts I see you)
Writing that book…
On and on

Even though we crave so desperately what each of those risks has to offer, we magnify fear and risk to the point of total paralysis.

So how can we learn to push past it?
What is the secret sauce for motivating yourself?
I was always looking for that…

Then I figured it out!
Spoiler… there is no secret sauce.
Just lots of intentional work on the habits and patterns in our life that are holding us back!

Don’t worry though… it really isn’t complicated.  Today I’m sharing some of my favorite tools and tips to rewire our brains and move past old patterns of thinking to become motivationally minded!

One of the best tools I have found to keep me moving forward and avoiding the quicksand of life, is plugging in to inspiring and motivational books.  When I immerse myself with forward thinkers and cultivate ideas from other successful people, I find it hard to be stuck in a state of fear or over-thinking.

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Top 5 Books to Push Past Fear:


In addition to reading and putting my thoughts into a place of action and inspiration, I have found some easy mental tricks to turn my thoughts to the positive from the negative!


Everyday Tips and Tricks:

SMILE – I’m talking a crazy big touch-your-eyes and make your cheeks hurt kind of smile.  I mean it.  Do it!

It is really freaking hard to be scared, unhappy, depressed or fearful when you have a giant grin on your face.  Smile every time you feel pain, fear or uncertainty creep in!  Take it from this gal who used to pride herself on being a snarky realist (theres that GenX part of me.) It doesn’t have to be your nature to be positive… it can be learned and WILL change your life!   

Take a deep breath then verbally speak out loud saying “I CAN DO THIS!”

So what if you feel like a jackass… these are mental tricks that work.  I’d rather be a jackass and be bold AF  crushing life than not!

Remind yourself that “I will not die!”

Because lets be honest… most things we are scared of really aren’t going to kill us. 😉
I love all that Liz Gilbert shares in her book Big Magic about projects she did that amounted to nothing.  They weren’t huge successes and some were total bombs but that didn’t stop her from creating massive success. They were just part of the journey.  And she didn’t die! 

Think about how you’ll feel if you NEVER even attempted this thing your heart desires.

How will you feel looking back on life never having tried.  Which pain is greater?  The pain of not trying or the pain of fear and uncertainty?
I know which one I choose.

• Consider the worst case scenario that might happen if you try this thing and fail.  

Is it really going to be the end of you?  Or will you more than likely learn something truly valuable that will help you grow into an even better version of you?  

No one jumps into ANYTHING as an expert.  We all start bumbling our way through and learning as we go.  Those that become successful are the ones who keep showing up.  They simply keep learning!

If you really do show up and give this thing your all… the chances of failure are virtually none.  Stop over-thinking it and just do the thing!

If you are in a situation where others are projecting their fears and insecurities onto you…

Think about that person’s life…

Is their life one that you want for yourself?

Have they lived the life you are dreaming of?

If you answer NO… then take their opinions with a grain of salt and follow the advice of those who are where you want to be, not those who have never had the courage to make the leap.

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Each week, I’ll be sharing more of my favorite mindset tips to living life more intentionally and less out of habit.  I hope these simple tricks to re-wire your thinking patterns will help you take action, push through fears and start moving forward toward the dreams you have in your heart!

Be bold!
Be Love!
Remember… You are capable of INCREDIBLE things!

Comment below and tell me some of your favorite motivational books and mindset tricks?

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